Trans Library

Organizer: TransFúzia
Kino Lumière, Špitálska 4, Bratislava (foyer)
10.12. 2016, Saturday, 15:00 – 18:30
free admission, event in Slovak language

Trans Library is a place visitors can "borrow" a person with an interesting story. A follow-up discussion with such a person can enrich them with more information about transgender people. Do you like to ask questions and listen? Do you want to get to know stories of various people? Then, the Trans Library is the right choice for you! Here you can "borrow" people with interesting life stories instead of books. Just imagine you can list pages of a real person's story, who are here for you to tell you about their lives.There are a lot of books for you too about trans and non-binary people and their lives. 

Real Boy (Shaleece Haa, USA, 2016)
Tangerine (Sean Baker, USA, 2015)
About Ray (Gaby Dellal, USA, 2015)