GayChristians Slovakia + Old Catholics in Bratislava

Organiser: GayChristians Slovakia, Old Catholics in Bratislava
Kino Lumière, Špitálska 4, Bratislava
7. – 11. 12. 2016

We will gladly welcome you in our infostand, where you can learn something about us, our activities and monthly meetings. Come to discuss various topics with us. You can get a poster or our contact card. GCS Commuity is here from 2011 and its goal is to create a space for LGBT believers for their spiritual growth, finding soulmates, discussing and sharing their problems that cannot be shared among their religious communities.

Old Catholic Community in Bratislava is a place for all people, truly seeking God in a Christian tradition, who are not afraid to ask critical questions. A place truly for all – regardless of their age, sex, family status, nationality, race, social position or sexual orientation.