Benefits of LGBT Employee Resource groups at the workplace


Organizer: DiversityPRO
The Spot SK, Nám. SNP 30, Bratislava
9.12. 2016, Friday (18:00 – 19:30)
free admission, event in Slovak language

What's the status of LGBT Employee Resource Groups? Why should companies support these groups? To learn more about benefits of LGBT Employee Resource Groups at the workplace, join us for a panel discussion organized by Diversity PRO organization, at the occasion of the Slovak Queer Film Festival. We've invited representatives of several large companies in different stages of LGBT networks activities, to share their experiences.

Diversity PRO is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) aimed at raising awareness to workplace Diversity & Inclusion, and promoting diversity visibility and leadership. Our focus is on the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. We are a non political organization aimed at helping employers and employees create an inclusive environment.

Our vision is for every employee to be treated equally by their co-workers and enjoy the same opportunities, no matter of their gender, origin, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, or disability. We want to see a more competent approach from the business community in Slovakia towards the topic of diversity. We believe better standards can be set, and higher accountability expected in area of diversity – benefiting everyone involved by maximizing talent and potential.

Our approach is focused on education and communication. We wish to enable decision makers to apply best practices by informing them about the needs and sensitivities of diversity groups. We also dedicate ourselves to developing leadership skills amongst individuals in our community, helping them connect, collaborate and excel in their fields.

Diversity PRO activities include:

  • Member events such as LGBT Professionals Network
  • Conferences and business events with member companies and other participants
  • Cross network events among international networking groups
  • Creating education and training content for employers about diversity
  • Social and community events for Diversity PRO members


Our members are diversity network groups in major multinationals, large domestic companies, public sector and non governmental organizations, as well as individual entrepreneurs and students.

How to join?

Diversity PRO welcomes new members – company sponsors, employee network groups and individual members.

To find out more and to join our initiative please email: or contact us via:

LGBT Professionals Network

We focus on increasing the visibility of LGBT Professionals in workplace environment and promote LGBT leadership and professional development.

Our hope is to see stronger, more determined and motivated presence of LGBT people in the workplace, empowered to initiate dialogue with local employers and businesses about being open for diversity and fighting discrimination. Our activities in this area focus in two areas: encouraging LGBT Professionals to network and share ideas and opportunities; and, developing skills and leadership for LGBT Professionals through workshops and collaborative events. Our LGBT Professionals Network is a community we started to connect and create conversation space for LGBT Professionals and Straight Allies. Meetings are organized regularly, with varying content. You can join us on closed group to keep updated:

Everyone is welcome!



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